Early designs.

King Hele.

This design comes from a report from Guided weapons department of RAE, written by Desmond King Hele and Doreen Gilmour.

The most surprising feature of this design is the date: the report is from May 1957, several months before Sputnik!

It was also drawn up before detailed design and construction work on Blue Streak had begun, and eighteen months before the first Back Knight would fly.

Pardoe design for Blue Streak Launcher This design was part of a presentation made by Geoffrey Pardoe to the British Interplanetary Society in 1959.

Although this design might look completely different from King Hele's, it is in fact the same vehicle in a different guise. The 30 foot long 3foot diameter tank has been shrunk to a 10 foot sphere! This takes the logic of mismatch in stage size to its logical conclusion. In many ways this is very sensible. However, the main obstacle would have been the ground facilities at the Saunders Roe site at High Down. However, adapting these cannot have been that expensive.

Below is a more detailed view of Pardoes second stage:

The King Hele design was an "official" design, but was impracticable; the Pardoe design was more feasible, but as far as can be seen, no official interest was taken in it.

The "official" design that emerged from studies was a compomise, using a 54 inch diameter second stage.

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