The High Down Testing Site.

Andrew Collins kindly sent me a variety of views of High Down as it is today. The site is worth visiting not only to see what is left of the rocket site, but also for its sheer natural beauty, with views across to Bournemouth, Poole and the Purbeck Hills. below is the Needles lighthouse, and in summer the sea is full of yachts. A good spot to watch the Round the Island Race!

An overview of the site.

And closer in.

The centre of the walkway, looking the other way.

A phtograph from the late Charles Martin. This is taken in the very early days of the site: the rocket on the trailer is not an flight model, but an early test build, with external stringers. These were later abandoned.
The lorry driver must have been rather skilful!

A view into where the gantries once were. There was a huge blast deflector, water cooled, for the static tests.

Closer in one can see the bolts the gantry was attached to, and beyond that the blast deflector bucket would be housed.

And the view from the other side.

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